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Defense Lawyer

  • Jim O'Neil practises as a criminal law defense lawyer
  • He has acted as defense counsel for over 30 years in a full range of criminal cases, ranging from the most serious, including -  murder, assault, theft, sexual assault, drug cases, DUI - to less serious provincial and motor vehicle offenses.

Academic Awards

  • Jim won two scholarships in undergraduate studies at Dalhousie University for academic achievement.  
  • At Dalhousie Law School he was awarded the Allistair Fraser Scholarship for being in the top 10 of the class academically.

Actvities in the  Profession


Jim publishes "Canadian Criminal Law" as on online legal text at "". The site averages about 3,000 visitors per month.

Memberships & Activities

  • Past President and current member Cumberland County Barristers Association
  • Member Nova Scotia Barristers Society
  • Member Nova Scotia Criminal Lawyers Association
  • Member New Brunswick Criminal Lawyers Association
  • Volunteer with Nova Scotia Barrister's Society for pro bono or reduced fee services for members under investigation
  • Moderator for Amherst Defense Bar Group
  • Moderator for Cumberland Defense Lawyers Group
  • Member of Moncton Criminal Law Study Group


  • Defence Lawyer in Amherst, NS and Moncton, NB


  • Partner at Burton Lynch Armsworthy Ward O'Neil, Halifax, NS
  • Associate lawyer at Cox Downie Nunn Goodfellow, Halifax, NS
  • Articled Law Clerk at Cox Downie Nunn Goodfellow, Halifax, NS
  • Articled Law Clerk to Justice Vincent Pottier (NS Supreme Court, Rtd.), Halifax, NS

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