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In Canada, if you are convicted of a summary conviction offense, after three years have passed from the completion of your sentence, you may apply to the national parole board for a pardon.  If you offence is indictable, the waiting period is five years.

You can obtain a criminal record search at TrueCheck

The forms are available at most RCMP stations as a criminal record search must accompany the application.

See this site for the impact of a criminal; record on entry to the US


You should be aware that there is an international treaty between Canada and the U.S. (Statement of Mutual Understanding , February 19, 2003) whereby records of convictions are shared between the RCMP and the FBI.  

Thus, it could well be that following a pardon, the American border patrol may still have continuing access to the American copy of your record so you have to be very careful in that regard.

Jim O'Neil, LL.B.

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