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If you have been ordered to pay a fine, it is important that you pay as much you can per month.  If you later require an extension, the judge can see that you have made consistent efforts.

It is crucial to understand that if you have not paid the fine within the time allowed and have not been granted an extension, a warrant will automatically be issued for your arrest and you will be placed in jail to serve the required number of days to equate to the balance of the fine.

You must apply for an extension before the deadline has expired. In my experience, most applications for extension will be granted if there are reasonable grounds put forth.

To make an application,  you should contact the court clerk and indicate that you wish to apply to the judge for extension of the deadline to pay your fine. Be sure to allow enough time to get the matter into court. Court does not sit every day and it may take time for your application to be placed on the docket.

Your chance of success will increase if you file supporting documentation. Your case will be more easily understood by the judge if you file your documentation in advance.

If your local court office does not have an application form, for convenience you may want to use the attached application and file it with the court.

Ideally you will have your supporting documentation at the time you file the application. If you do not your material available, file the application anyway to get the matter before the court and file the supporting documentation as soon as you have it.

Form - Extension of Time to Pay Fine  PDF Version  or  HTML Version

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